BREAKING: Several Dead In Mosque Shooting!!!

BREAKING: Several Dead In Mosque Shooting!!!

Five people are reportedly dead following a shooting at a mosque.

According to Reuters, that figure comes from the mosque’s president, who spoke with reporters after the shooting.

“Why is this happening here?” president Mohamed Yangui is quoted as saying. “This is barbaric.”

Yangui was reportedly not in the mosque at the time but received frantic calls from people attending evening prayers there.

Reuters reports that a witness described three gunmen opening fire on about 40 worshipers. Police currently have two suspects in custody but are reportedly not ruling out the possibility of a third on the loose.

“There are many victims, there are deaths,” said a Quebec police spokesman to reporters.

Several news outlets are also reporting an abundance of injuries in the attack.

The scene of the shooting – the Quebec City Islamic Cultural Center – is reportedly the same place ‘pranksters’ left a pig’s head in 2016.

The act was apparently in reference to the Islamic tradition of abstaining from pork.

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