Shocking: Donald Trump Will Make an Appearance on The Walking Dead!

In what may be Monday’s most laughable news, a new theory is gaining steam across social media claiming that a Donald Trump themed walker will make an appearance on The Walking Dead Sunday night.However this information is not yet confirmed, fans just spotted a zombie which looked like Trump. Check it yourself. 

The walker in question sports a similar haircut and puffy face as the current Presidential candidate as the march towards election day reaches its destination.

Some are suggesting that the Trump zombie was actually part of the group Saviors, which after the fight with Ricks group will be the first one to go. We all know how the last episode (S07 E08) ended, so this is highly likely.

Of course if it does turn out to be a Trump tribute walker, the theories of The Walking Dead taking place in a future where Donald Trump became president will most certainly follow. After all, the show is currently set just outside of Washington D.C. in Alexandria, Virginia.

Reddit users have been debating all day long over whether or not the walker from the third episode of The Walking Dead‘s seventh season featured such a tribute. It’s no secret executive producer and visual effects guru Greg Nicotero enjoys tossing in a couple of references or tribute walkers every now and then but a Donald Trump walker might be a stretch.

But according to the cast at The Walking Dead, they have confirmed that there was previous talks with Donald Trump, and he agreed with them to make an appearance at The Walking Dead Show! Can you imagine this? Donald Trump will become the first president ever who made an appearance at show with this popularity. It Would Be AMAZING! We will need to wait until February to made this official.


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