Body Language – The Basics!

Body Language
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For today’s article we at the success-street team have decided to greed you with an article regarding the body language! Let’s talk about a few body gestures you should adapt, and a few you should avoid when in interaction/in company.

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and you got a strong feeling the person just DON’T CARE? Of course, we’ve all been there.
How did it make you feel? Did you feel happy talking to him? Or you just wanted something to change/ or to leave the situation?

Our body language delivers messages (93% of an entire communication is through the body language to be precise). Either positive or negative messages.
And the messages we deliver, makes the other person FEEL some kind of emotion.
And one crucial thing to know about emotions, is that THEY ARE ADDICTIVE.
In other words, if you feel something while there’s someone else next to you, he will feel that off of you. It’s inevitable.

Body Language
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That’s exactly why:
– People don’t like being around insecure people, you could feel the nervousness in them, and as a result, you’ll feel not 100% comfortable.. And who loves to feel uncomfortable?
– if you’re sad/negative/hostile, and so on, people whom are NOT like that, won’t be spending time around you. Because it will make them feel something they DON’T want to feel.
What emotions people love to feel?
I’m sure you know, but here are two important ones:
Joy & positivity.

How can we project positivity & joy to other people?
Short answer: through our body language.

Body Language
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– don’t cross your arms when around people (delivers the message “don’t talk to me”, or ” I don’t care”)
– don’t stop smiling (even if don’t have a reason to, condition yourself to always have a smile {even the smallest} on your face)
– when in interaction, point your whole body towards the person you’re talking to (when you’ll learn reading body language, you’ll know that wherever a person points his legs, it’s exactly where he’d like to be)
– listen actively (nod your head slowly, maintain eye contact, don’t judge their point of view by being open minded and accepting).

Struggling when communicating? Well dont struggle about it 🙂
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