What if we can have it all?

What if we can have it all
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From a very young age, we are all taught, more so, indoctrinated with an old saying that we should “stretch our feet to the length of our rug”. But, why no one asks why would we use a rug when nowadays we have quilt blanket? What if we can have it all?

We all know that one person who, whenever we see her on the streets, we immediately turn our heads on the other side pretending as if we haven’t seen her because we know that if we stop just to say hi, whatsoever we ask her, she will start off from the dinosaurs. Indeed, I recall that one time when I was in primary school, my parents were at work and I asked my grandpa to help me with an assignment in mathematics on fractions. Oh my, how much did I regret asking that question! My grandpa started from additions and subtractions of one-digit numbers, and by the time we got to the fractions, hours have passed and my parents were already home. After that, never did I dare to ask my grandpa for help of this type. I am sure you had similar experience with someone starting off from the dinosaurs and I bet you are not really keen on that kind of talks. But see, I just did the same, didn’t I? Albeit me concurring with you regarding starting-from-the-dinosaurs-talks, before I jump to the topic of this article, I’ll go way back as to bring my idea to you as closest as possible. Sometimes there is no beauty and strength in being straightforward – sometimes we need to tell a story…

I didn’t come from a rich family, but I have always had rich friends in my company. At a very young age – 12, I started to ask myself why is it that some kids have more than me even though I am smarter than them. Eventually, being smart was not the measure I reasoned, and yes, I was right. It’s not that I was jealous to them – I’m happy I never experienced this type of jealousy, I just wanted to take certain actions that will help me fulfill my dreams. My dreams were [and still are] big – to travel the world, study abroad, be happily married and have kids while at the same time be the best in my career, be wealthy and so on and so forth. And it is at that very young age when I realized that no one, including my parents, can fulfil my dreams for me, but me. Yes, I was smart enough to realize that I have to do something. Sometime later, for an unknown reason to me [I have a black hole in my memory], but still for a reason, I started to believe that there are some powers over there, unknown to me, unknown to my parents, unknown to all the people that I knew, which I should call somehow and which will bestow me with their miracles and magic, and make my dreams come true. No, I wasn’t that smart to realize that there is nothing miraculous about these things that I called miracles, nor was I that smart to realize that, in the final instance, everything depended on me.

What if we can have it all
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When I assess that period of my life from this point of view, I feel proud to myself for that greatest finding in my life, that belief of which I have very logical explanation now and which has always guided me and aided me in becoming who I am. When I assess who I am now against the dreams I had back then when I started with the development of this belief system, I feel even more proud of that little Scarlett. Step by step, my dreams, besides being big [and they have grown even bigger as the time has passed] are slowly, but surely becoming part of my reality. And that is what puts a smile on my face. And that is what makes me happy. My big dreams, hanging somewhere in the air and seemingly unattainable and out of any real reach, my big dreams for which at the first place I did not [think that I] have intellectual, financial and personal capacities, skills and conditions – I’m living them. And this brings me to the main question of this article: What if we can have it all?

Kosta David Petrov, author of bestsellers, contributor to Huffington Post, TV producer, PR expert and Founder of the P World, whom I had the honor to listen to on a seminar, raised my awareness about our powers in having all and inspired me to write this article. So yes, again, what if we can have it all? Think for yourself for a while. What if you are ready, besides thinking that it is still not the time, to start that business? What if you can be the CEO you thought you can never be? What if you can win the heart of that one person who appears to you as is [s]he is several classes above you? What if …? No if! You can have it all!

What if we can have it allFrom a very young age, we are all taught, more so, indoctrinated with an old saying that we should “stretch our feet to the length of our rug”. But, Kosta David Petrov asks, why no one asks why would we use a rug when nowadays we have quilt blanket? He goes on with a very simple example that goes something like this:

“Life is like buying a car. You know your budget and from the very beginning you are aware of the type of car you can afford to buy. If you want to have the cheapest used car – currently Honda Accord, you will get Honda Accord. And that is how life goes for most of us. That notwithstanding, there are some among us who believe that one day they will have Ferrari 250 GTO. Maybe you will get disappointed for a moment if that doesn’t happen, but there is something we should remember – it is this people that the Universe will bestow with the miracles and magic I was taking before, that is, grant them with a care much, much better that Honda Accord.”

Open up your mind, dream big, believe absolutely in your dreams and you can have it all. After retrospectively assessing your past in a year from now, you will be astonished by yourself.

I have it all. Did you manage to have it all too?

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