How to Successfully Crowdfund Your Project? Tips and Tricks!

How to Successfully Crowdfund Your Project
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You are having a wonderful idea and even more brilliant product, but still your crowd funding project lacks the ultimate momentum – making sure that it will gain the required amount of money in order for it to succeed! Here are few tips and tricks on how to successfully crowd fund your project!

How to Successfully Crowdfund Your Project
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Crowd funding, as we all know, is a sort of an online business funding that is slowly getting its traction into one of the primary tools for funding startups. Yes, there are many small business-funding websites, but crowd funding platforms are, without doubt, No.1. Many great ideas and projects have been brought to life simply because of crowd funding. Albeit there being numerous fully funded, there are even more unsuccessfully funded projects that by many of its project leaders were considered simply a waste of time. ”Is it because of the idea, is my product simply not good enough (in terms of inventive, innovative, cool etc…)” – are just two of the questions that without doubt 99% of the project initiators are asking themselves afterwards. Well, not necessarily. In almost all of the cases, it is not the product, nor the idea, nor the project’s initiator. It is about how we are running our projects. In the world that we live in today, we can say that, no matter what we do or what we sell, it’s all about marketing, and especially social media marketing.

Few tips on how to successfully crowdfund your project

In order to be easier for you to understand it and if you decide to use some of our advices and implement them with your current or future crowd funding project we will divide the actions into 2 phases: pre-launch and launch period. We will not focus on how to develop your idea, or if you are making a product – how to develop you’re your prototype, we will simply focus on marketing – social media marketing strategy.

How to Successfully Crowdfund Your Project
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This is the period where you get most of the job done, the period where you get your audience to know you and your project, the period where you get fans, supporters, future backers, and the period where you make almost all of the networking.

1. Choose your audience.

Target, choose your audience. Plan your needed budget carefully. Don’t overestimate or underestimate yourself. Make a deadline. Plan your activities.

2. Point out why your product is better than the rest.

This is where you have to start. If there are similar products out there, point out why yours is better than the rest. Be it the price, the appearance, the quality, always make sure to emphasize it, and do this emphasis as often as you can.

3. Social Media Marketing.

Make sure you are present on social media marketing platforms. I have seen many projects initiators using and sticking to Facebook only. Yes, it is the best one, in that it has the biggest audience, but it’s not the only one. There are Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and so on, that can be used, and that can make even bigger impact than Facebook. Take a look at your audience. Find out what platforms they are using the most. There are many online marketing companies that have insights in this. Do make the research!

4. Thunderclap.

Use a crowd-speaking platform. Thunderclap is without doubt the best by far. You can get great reach with it. Spread your message instantly. Make your project viral in a second. Here are some tips and tricks on how to make the most out of Thunderclap.

5. Newsletter section.

If you already have a web-site make sure there is a newsletter section. This way you can collect and then you can update your most enthusiastic fans for the launch. –More so, through Thunderclap you can make a campaign to gain subscribers for your newsletter. There are so many possibilities, no? The choice is yours.

6. Last, but not least, – Network. 

I personally think this is the best and most important one and therefore I provide you two network-related tips:

  • Do a research on web-sites, magazines, and blogs that write about stuff that your product is related to. Contact or tip them, and get them to write an article about your project. There are many web-sites that will be glad if you tip them with a good written article with some great photos. They will have unique content and will save time on questions and comments about your project, and most importantly, they will spare you some time on same questions.
  • Engage with people (the more influential – the better) with interest in your product. Contact them. Ask them for a shout out, or, collaboration. For instance, if your project is audio related, try contacting some DJs, singers, etc. This is probably the most time consuming phase. Therefore, make sure you manage how you spend your time.
How to Successfully Crowdfund Your Project
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This is the phase after your campaign has gone live. If you have done your homework in the pre-launch phase, than this is only the formal phase. Make sure you:

  1. Stay in touch with your audience.
  2. Post updates – several updates about your projects will do the job. For instance, you may well say: “Thanks we have reached our goal, let’s spread it even more” and many other things.
  3. Don’t abandon your social media marketing channels. But also don’t spam. Everyone hates spammers. Post updates relevant to the campaign. Express gratitude to the backers. Post cool stuff (pictures, videos etc.)
  4. Include a podcast.
  5. If you are lacking in progress towards your goal, you can always get back and use couple of the things you used during pre-launch. Network, make a fast Thunderclap campaign, and use your Newsletter.

These are just a few tips and tricks that will definitely make your life easier when crowd funding. Stay with us as tips and tricks on how I managed to crowd fund my campaign are on their way in the upcoming days. You are going to learn so much from my experience.

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  1. Hey Daniel -Thanks for putting up a great guide on crowdfunding.

    I agree with newsletters -you need to send out the word whatever you are using mailchimp, aweber, or emma you have to make sure you maximize you communication channels especially your social media pages.

    Also another thing usually overlooked is the platform because people always wants to go to whatever popular crowdfunding site they have say Kickstarter or Indiegogo, then usually ending up with less to zero funding since they dont get noticed.

    You can actually crowdfund using your own website too by using fundify theme for wordpress (though it costs some bucks) if youd like something free but easy to install you can also try which is a crowdfunding widget that connects through your stripe account.

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