Tips on Making The Most Out of Thunderclap!

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Sometimes, even if you have a great message that you want to spread, you are reluctant due to your limited audience on social media channels. Well, have you considered using Thunderclap, the best social media marketing tool for viral spreading a message?

What is Thunderclap?

Many of you have heard of Thunderclap, but for those that who haven’t, Thunderclap is the first, and so far the best crowd-speaking platform. A crowd speaking platform is a one that allows individuals and legal entities to share one message, at the exact time, all around the world through Facebook, Twitter and/or Tumblr. To put it simply, just think of it, as an “online flash mob”. Interesting, huh?

Who is using Thunderclap?

Many social media marketing companies are advocating for the usage of Thunderclap, especially for the crowdfunding campaigns – as a means for fast, free (there is also the option for premium TC campaigns) and viral spread of a message of your choice. More so, experts are highly suggesting that there must be a space for Thunderclap in your social media marketing strategy. In fact, Thunderclap was used as a primary marketing tool for World Humanitarian Day, Peace Corps,, the Global Fund for their Campaign to Fight AIDS, TB, Malaria and many more. And interestingly, among the influential Thunderous supporters we can see the names of Barack Obama, Rihanna, Shakira, Justin Bieber and companies as Coca Cola and MTV.

Okay, but why Thunderclap?

Because it’s the easiest way to get your message spread virally. Let’s do some calculations. Imagine you have 100 supporters, and every one of them has 1.000 friends. That is a reach of 100.000, which is way more that you can achieve by relying only your contacts, friends on social media, newsletters, or even by paying for online ads. And again, as above mentioned, this is in most cases, a free social media marketing tool. I wouldn’t go too much into details as to why, but in 99% of the cases, a successful Thunderclap campaign will get your job done.

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Feel eager to use Thunderclap? Great! Not sure for how to use it? Don’t worry, we are going to help you by sharing with you:

7 Tips on making the most out of Thunderclap!

1. Specify your goal clearly. Yes it’s good to set a limit of 250, or 500 supporters, but always go for the less (we suggest 100), because it’s easier to reach. Do not over-estimate yourself at the very beginning!

2. Make a clear, unique message, a one that will be spread. Remember that you are limited to 140 characters (due to Twitter regulations and limitations). Hence, make a message that is 80 – 100 characters, so that supporters will have enough space to add something and make their contribution.

3. Carefully plan your launch date -> the spread of the message. Find out when your target audience is mostly using Facebook, Twitter and/or Tumblr.

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4. Include a unique hashtag in your message, because that way you create a movement on Twitter.

5. Make sure you remind your friends, contacts and subscribers (if you use a newsletter) to support your campaign. There are few tricks that you can do to make sure you maximize your TC campaign. For example: if you are a retailer, you can include some preferential treatments for all of the supporters, like discounts, limited editions, early bird specials etc…

6. Make a research on the relevant newspapers, magazines and blogs, and ask them to give you a hand with your TC campaign. Note that one “shout out” from a “big” magazine or blog, will make your job almost done.

7. If you have a tiny marketing budget on the side, you can always use it to boost your campaign. You can promote your call to action on Facebook, or run some sponsored stories on Twitter to gain more supporters.

Ready? Say it together and be heard.


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