The art of being a leader rather than a boss!

being a leader
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Thousands of articles have been written on leaders, leaderships, core traits of leaders, key ingredients of leadership. So many studies and theories have been developed on leadership and leadership styles. But what is the value of all of these articles, and studies, and research and gigantic theories if we don’t make the first and utmost important differentiation between a leader and a boss and think of the terms as being interchangeable?


A popular wisdom says:

Bosses create fear, leaders create confidence.

Bosses fix blames, leaders correct mistakes.

Bosses know all, leaders ask questions.


being a leader
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Indeed, a boss and a leader are two ends on a continuum. All that makes a leader is definitely far from what makes a boss. Let’s dive into the 8 aspects that put them on the opposite sides:

1. Unlike being a boss,

being a leader does not necessarily mean that you have a title or a position. Leadership is about influence and action, both of which can be exerted without being formal authority in an organization or a group.

2. Unlike bosses who

employ fear to motivate their employees, leaders rely on individual success-stimuli. Leadership is about spelling out what drives each and every team member without the need to play the fear card.

3. Unlike bosses who

cannot stand the urge to control and micromanage every second of their employees work, leaders guide. Leadership is about showing directions, support and empowerment without the necessity for control oversight.

4. Unlike bosses who

do not trust that anyone else will do the job as they are capable of, leaders do delegate. Leadership is not about doing things all alone, but sharing tasks and having trust in others’ capacities.

5. Unlike bosses who

prefer rigid ways like standard-operating-procedures for getting things done, leaders are adaptable. Leadership is about understanding and acknowledging individual values and styles of achieving greatest productivity.

6. Unlike bosses who

avoid taking risks as much as possible, leaders let away the safe play fearlessly. Leadership is about great success and greatest successes come with great risks and learning from mistakes and failures.

7. Unlike bosses who

are the firs to throw stones on their employees when something is wrong and first to take credit when results are achieved, leaders function literally the opposite. Leadership is about giving recognition and accepting the blame.

8. Unlike bosses who

Usually feel forced to work with their employees and treat them as minions, leaders love people. Leadership is about genuinely enjoying the working with people, perceiving individuals as having unique personalities and watching them succeed and not only minding your own success.

being a leader
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Albeit not all the aspects in which leaders and bosses differ are exhausted, this article provides a fair general picture on what one should focus on if [s]he wants to become a leader and/instead of boss. Have you managed to apprehend it? If yes, then great! Now that we laid down the fundamental difference between a leader and a boss, we can fully focus on leaders. Follow our upcoming articles on leadership and learn how to become a one!

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