It’s Habits that Move the World Forwards, Not Motivation!

Have you ever felt pumped up with enormous dose of enthusiasm and motivation over a goal that you have set for yourself? Have you ever had this feeling but then, very soon-ish felt that you are, by and large, losing the initial motivation?

Of course you had, we all had. And don’t worry, it’s kind of natural. In fact, when the light bulbs above our heads light up, we feel momentarily empowered, hyped and ready to undertake actions so as to make our ideas part of our realities. The problem is that, very often, these new ideas require constant efforts out of which some we may have never put. And it is these efforts we have never made the kind of efforts that we need to integrate into our daily practice so as to sustain our initial ideas up until our goal are achieved. These new efforts we need to employ are – habits.

Habits are one of the very few determining factors about success. Though it might not be self-evident, our success is a 24/7 lifestyle choice, a choice of habits. That is why we should carefully choose which habits remain to be habits in our lives and which of them we should leave in the past.


Albeit not being exhaustive, this is a list of the 5 must-do-habits that successful people practice daily so they can continually grow their success:

  • Get up early – A dozen of researches conducted on this issue have shown that waking up early is directly and proportionally correlated with success. There are countless examples among the most successful people in the world who have the get-up-early habit in their lives. Richard Branson wakes up every morning around 5:45 am, Jack Dorsey at 5:30 am and these are just two of the list that can go on and on and on. Waking up early gives our heads the opportunities to start off with the rest of the world, while the stillness of the early mornings helps us do more of what really, truly and genuinely matters for the day.
  • Exercise – Successful people are busy people, very busy people, but they wouldn’t give the time they dedicate to exercising for anything in this world. There is a reason for why they spend a lot of time taking care of their bodies. They are aware of the fact that it is of crucial importance that they have the right mindset but also that it is equally important to be fit and in good shape. Think for yourself – we all get from time to time caught in the job and we usually make tons of excuses on how busy we are, that we don’t have enough time for hitting the gym, or just going for a walk around the block. But look at Tim Cook. Tim Cook is a CEO of Apple who also appears to be going to the gum. Yes, you can find Tim Cook in the gym at 5 a.m. and the guy is running one of the biggest corporations in the world. We all have the exact amount of hours per day as him, so bear first yourself and then the rest of us from your excuses.
  • Plan – Successful people say that success without a plan is just a wish. Put it simply, we cannot arrive at a destination we have never visited before if we don’t sketch the road map. Yes, we have Google maps now, but still, even that requires our action. As Brian Tracy deems to say, “people with clear, written goals, accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than people without them could ever imagine.” Therefore, if we want to get ahead in our lives we need to have a plan. Otherwise we will get lost, and that is something that we the least want. Our plans are our maps to the place we want to go. And by putting deadlines next to our plans, it gets so real.
  • Network – Personal and organizational coaches very often say that we are the average of the 5 people that we most spend our time with. And that is why more networking is a very legitimate and strong recommendation. The more and the more different people we are surrounded with, the higher our average gets. Stay in touch with professionals that can help you grow career-wise, that can help you grow personally. Find a mentor or join a mastermind team so you can get ahead more quickly. Its healthy, it makes us more successful.
  • Balance – We need to balance our lives. Every one of us has a limited time and we should make the most of it. Nonetheless, life is not about working up until our eyelids shut. No! If we are to take examples, let’s look at all those successful people. What we will observe is that none of them works all the time. We need to make time for our family and friends, go on a trip, or, just put some time to invest in ourselves. Not only will we recharge our batteries in this way as well as reflect so we can see the vision for our lives more clearly, but we will also feel alive. And that’s what life is about.

I know you are highly motivated to achieve your goals, to grasp that success that comes with it. But are you ready to sustain the motivation? Are you ready to make all the sacrifices necessary to develop “success-oriented” habits?


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