Goal Setting: The First Step is Turning The Invisible Into Visible!

Goal Setting
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Dreams are just dreams until you write them down. Only then do they become goals. Greg S. Reid

All human beings dream big – we want to travel around the world, to become millionaires, to win lotteries, to get hired for jobs with skyrocketing salaries, to become CEOs, to become famous, to become successful, to gain academic recognition – and so many other things, probably some of them I cannot even think of. All these are big dreams, and dreaming big is very important, but, how many of you have fulfilled at least one of your big dreams? No, don’t tell me that we don’t call them dreams by coincidence, but rather because they are impossible and unattainable and that we can only try to approximate to what we dream for! In fact, this type of thinking is the first reason for why we do not make our dreams come true. More so, not taking action in turning our dreams into goals is the second mistake we make and therefore pave our path to not living our dream[s].

Goal Setting
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Before we jump to learning how to properly set a goal, there are two crucial things that we have to understand:

1. Dreams are meant to be big. That is why we call them dream, but, the ‘biggity’ of a dream doesn’t make it impossible. Our disbelief in it makes it impossible.

Richard Branson deems to say that dreams are meant to be scary, otherwise, they are small. Yes, our dreams should scare us, excite us, challenge us, but in the final instance, we should be so strong in our belief that with our efforts and tireless actions, we will make them true. We just need to rise above our fears, embrace all the opportunities coming on our way and start living our dream. What change has been initiated from something other than a dream?

2. Dreams as such are just dreams. Dreams became reality only if we take actions to making them reality. Our action in turning a dream into a goal makes it reality.

As Greg Reid puts it dreams are just dreams until you write them down, only then do they become goals. Exactly, our dreams cannot be anything more than dreams if we do not take any step in realizing them. We need to take action and transform our dreams into something that can be attained in reality. What change has been achieved without having a goal to make that change?

Belief and Action are the two buzz words that you should take from this article when it comes to dreams. Dream big! Believe in your dream! Materialize your dream! Live your dream! Everything is possible – we just need to change our approach!


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