Why is Donald Trump One of the Most Successful People on the Planet?

Why is Donald Trump One of the Most Successful People on the Planet
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Let me make it clear before you all jump on me with judgemental arguments – No, I am not a till-the-death-fan of Donald Trump regardless of what he does. But let’s be honest, Donald Trump gets what he wants. It’s a fact! It doesn’t really matter what it is, if Trump sets his sight onto something, he will have it for sure.

Why is Donald Trump One of the Most Successful People on the Planet
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Who is Donald Trump?

As a relentless entrepreneur and nowadays fierce politician, Donald Trump is obviously one of the greatest success stories of our time. What is then, his secret? Well, his story is not rags to riches as we all know, as he was born in a wealthy family. He has also felt the bottom as he has bankrupted several times.  but amazingly, there is this aura around him that makes him a success in every field what ultimately gives us the right to say that he has the “Midas” touch.

Born as the fourth child, Donald was interested in business from his early age. By the time he graduated from college, while we were all preoccupied with physical attraction, partying and being the cool guys and gals, he was already worth $200,000 ($1.3 million today). He started his career in the family company and left his footprint in the world early on as he built the Trump Tower, one of the signature buildings of the greatest city in the world, New York. It is after that point that his companies have bankrupted four times, and there have been many times when he would rise them to today’s worth of around $4.1 billion according to Forbes magazine, although Trump personally values his assets around $10 billion.

Besides being an entrepreneur, Donald Trump is also a reality TV star, as he starred in his reality show “The Apprentice”. Recently, he started making the headlines as a presidential candidate and it wouldn’t be strange if we see him in the White House.

In one of his books, “The Art of the Deal”, Trump shares his personal philosophy about success in business and life. A wisdom from Trump that we should all take and remember when building ourselves with enthusiasm and motivation so as to reach the goal we have set is the following:

“To me it’s very simple: if you’re going to be thinking anyway, you might as well think big. Most people think small, because they’re afraid of success, afraid of making decisions, afraid of winning.”

–Donald Trump, The Art of the Deal (1987)

Let’s start thinking big, let’s find our art form and be obsessed about it. WE have the power to make the most of our life, therefore let’s have fun and trust our instincts.



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