Towards stress-free life: Everything happens for a reason!

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I recall how astounded I was by a story that once my grandmother told me. Speaking of how stressful life is nowadays, she explained to me that more than half-a-decade ago when she was a child, people did not know of the word ‘stress’ nor did they use it. More so, they have been working in the fields all day long and did not have the time to reflect on the casual situations we all overthink on a daily basis.

Yes, life has become so dynamic and stressful. As if that is not enough, and we are adding to it by overthinking why has something happened to us, why to us, and not to others, why didn’t we get the thing we so eagerly wanted, why in that particular moment we did this or that, or we didn’t do this or that … and so many other things.

I have been doing the same, and it was not until I learnt about this thing that I realized how less-stressed life could actually be. This ‘thing’ I am mentioning is the premise:


Everything happens for a reason.

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In fact, we as people look at what is happening in a particular moment, the moment when something bad, unpleasant, harmful happens to us. What we mostly don’t see, is the reasons that got us there, and more importantly, how will that entire negative situation influence our further life.

The premise might sound simple, but try practicing it. Take a piece of paper and write down 5 negative situations that happened to you. Consequently, try to understand how all of those negative situations are connected to your present, the momentary being. Not that simple right?

Every next time things happen to you in a way that you didn’t plan or don’t want them to, do the following four things:

1. Stand still, literally. Don’t ask questions, don’t take actions, let the immediate influx of negative emotions start fading away.

2. Tell yourself: Everything happens for a reason. The Universe knows why this is happening to me.

3. Ask yourself: Why is this in ‘my film’ and where does it lead me?

4. Be thankful for what happened to you because there is a positive lesson in everything that happens to you and because you had the opportunity to learn that lesson.

When you first start practicing this ‘premise’ you might not believe it is truly helpful. Even if you really want to practice it consistently, there may be situations when you forget about it. But, at least, try as hard as possible to practice it. The results will come. Life would be more stress-free, you will feel alive.

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