Boosting Your Creativity!

Donald Trump deems to say “find your art form”. For some of us, playing a guitar is an art form, for others it is painting, and for some it is entrepreneurship. It doesn’t matter what our art form is, so long as we have the creativity to put our art form at work, otherwise, we will have difficulties on our road to success. But, let’s go back to the basic question: what is creativity? Is it a talent or a skill?


Are we born with it or we can learn it? There are a lot of myths surrounding the definition of creativity when in fact, we can simply define creativity as “a way of solving a problem with relevance and novelty, nothing more, nothing less. Creativity cannot be present without a problem to solve.” What is advantageous to us when it comes to creativity is that not only it is a problem solving process, but, fortunately, it is a skill that can be learned and developed. Hooray!

With the latter being said, we can jump to 5 tips on how to boost, sustain and utilize our creativity and ignite our success.

  • We shall always carry a notebook with us so we can write down every idea that comes across our mind. Why not leave this for later? Let’s be honest, it is happening dozens of times ‘a day’ that we forget things we just, a second go planned to tell to someone. And there are not so much times when a brilliant idea flashes in our minds and if we don’t write it down immediately, it will be gone by the next hour, end of the day, the next tomorrow, depending on how busy each of us is. Apart from not forgetting our idea, by writing it down, we are opening more space in our brains so we can think of new ideas or take a different perspective on the old ones.
  • Practicing meditation can really boost our creativity. Scientific research has proven that meditation can improve our focus and more importantly, it can help us develop world class patience. Meditation calms our mind and allows us to see things with more clarity and from different perspectives.
  • Relaxation and creativity always go hand in hand. We’ve come to that sort of leaving whereby relaxation has become a luxury. That wouldn’t have been problematic if, among other things, it does not exert negative effect on our creativity. Take a day off and going somewhere in nature even once a month, has a tremendous impact on our creative capacities. Breathing fresh air and watching the birds fly is inspiring. Inspire yourself for being in a positive mood boost your creativity!
  • I have come across people who say they cannot work unless the radio is off. Music, they say, distracts them from the work they are supposed to do. What, I am not sure about that. I would say that not listening to the appropriate music can indeed distract us. Scientific studies have shown that listening to music while working can do wonders about our creativity. More so, researches showed that classical music is the trigger to creativity. If you are not a fan of classical music (and most of us are not) dedicate at least 10 minutes a week for classical music and the benefits will follow.
  • Daydream! Daydreaming helps us with developing our creativity. In our capitalist societies where work, work and more work, success, productivity and efficiency are praised, daydreaming has been viewed as time waste. Daydreaming according to scientists however is by no means time waste as it incubates new ideas. For the latter to work, we need to have an ongoing project because daydreaming without action is just a waste of time and energy.

And when coming up with creative ideas, we should always put ourselves in someone else’s shoes. Try to view your idea with the eyes of your customer. This can be your checkpoint from which you will know if you need to do more or your creation is finished.

Finally, why don’t you tell us what you are doing to boost your creativity and put yourself in the creative mood?

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