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Positive Mind
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In today’s world full of uncertainties and stress, we face a lot of difficulties and challenges in every possible way, yet it seems that, each and every one of those successful people manage to find not just any way, but an easy way and solution to every problem and challenge they face. Are they way more intelligent than all of us? Well, technically no, but practically yes. How? Here is the thing,

in most of the situations it is not the problem that is the biggest “problem”, but it is our attitude about the problem. This is what all those successful people do know and apply in their everyday living. With that said, now we are going to walk together through 5 tips for how “to obtain license” for the most powerful weapon every person can legally possess – Positive Mind.

Positive Mind
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Although they may sound basic, simple, even stupid, they are that strong so that when practicing them, you will get distracted from negative thinking and become positive and calm.

1. Meditate or do yoga.

Meditating or doing yoga is the most common solution that people doing stressful work undertake. Studies have proven that any of these to is extremely effective. Not only do they help in stay present, living each and every moment in every possible way, but they also provide better control on our breathing, which is kind of a big deal. Try it, you will found out 🙂

2. Smile

Studies have shown that on average, babies smile 200 times per day, whereas grown people smile shockingly and only 20 times per day. That is only 10% from how much we smile when we are unconscious about the world surrounding us. What changed? What is different? – Nothing, it is us that change. How can we change this? It’s simple: Smile! Smile, for smile provides us happiness, smile shares happiness and has lots of benefits.

3. Surround yourself with positive people

Do you ever find yourself around people who instantly absorb your entire energy, or transfer to you negative or extremely negative vibrations? Does it sometimes happen even without the two of you exchanging a word? It has happened to me so many times. What the problem is with this people, actually with us, is that we are not aware of how bad these people influence on us. More so, it is not only their bad influence, but also the bad or decreased performance we are going to face in the upcoming days. It is not ungrounded when successful people reveal to us their tips for happiness to mention that us being around positive people only is the only way we can become successful person.  In addition, sharing a similar goal and mind set with the positive people surrounding us, is extremely effective.

4. Don’t play the victim – Every person has the same 24 hours per day

And we’ve come to the most irritating thing to people who strive for success – playing the victim. In fact, we all do agree on doing so many things, even more than we can deliver. That’s okay. What is not okay is playing the victim, justifying our failures and ultimately, not respecting the others. Here’s an example: besides my fixed time and paid work, I have decided to join three other community based civil society organizations, to work on two projects for two different civil society organizations, to aid happiness-and-success-and-personal-development-enthusiasts to become what they ultimately want to become and of course, to leave several minutes for myself. If I have troubles in “delivering” what I committed to any of these teams of people and I start justifying how tired I am, having no weekends to rest and being overbooked right now so that I can dedicate time to it, wouldn’t that be irritating and disrespectful? Imagine you are my boss on that team. How would you feel? Probably furious. If so, don’t do the same to other people – they would feel just as you. We should not think of ourselves as being the lucky ones and the gods. We definitely need to stay focused on all the goal we have put in front of ourselves without victimizing ourselves, do the work we promised to do and the rest will follow. No victims, no stress, no hard feelings.

5. Read positive quotes

Not mainstream, but highly helpful, empowering and interesting way of stay tuned into good mood and one that has proven to have the best effect on us is by reading positive quotes. Just think of this: there is, out there, someone [and there are many, many, many someones] who has already experienced and faced lots of ups and downs, for which we can read and learn from – for free. Why then wait? Start from here, start by reading and learning from our experience.

Our final thoughts

Finding an inspiration is not the same for everyone, we just have to find our own way to motivate ourselves. If you manage to understand the core of positive thinking, it will surely become your most powerful weapon, and with that achieved, your skills will become limitless.

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