First Things First!

Happiness – something that all of us have thought about, either when evaluating our lives or when talking about other people. We, but also experts and prolific scientists, have been agonizing over this question for decades. Simply put, it is that state of mind when one is feeling positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense … Wow… Wait … Wasn’t this article supposed to talk about success and personal development and the like?

Well yes. In fact this article is about success, yet there is a reason for launching this SUCCESS STREET website with, and starting this particular article on PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT along the lines of HAPPINESS.

Let’s first go quickly through the meanings of all these three ‘big’ words.

Personal development – a life-long process of raising awareness of one’s potential, assessing life aspirations and taking actions for maximizing one’s potential through self-help.


Success – an accomplishment of an aim, purpose or desired result. Success is evaluated through tangible metrics, visible, material stuff.

Happiness – state of mind when one is feeling positive or pleasant emotions. Happiness is evaluated through feelings, non-material stuff.

How are these three related?

It appears that there is a cascade relationship between personal development, success and happiness.

Studies have shown that being happy is the ultimate goal of every single human being on this planet. For us to be happy however, we have to be successful, and for us to be successful, we have to go through personal development. Clearer? Thought so.


This website is committed to guide you in achieving this ‘ultimate goal’, happiness, but not any happiness. No, we are not going to teach you on how to achieve momentary happiness – on the contrary, our content will be your life-handbook for developing habits, skills, capacities, qualities, and abilities that are definitely going to help you in establishing long term happiness. That notwithstanding, we feel responsible to let you know that the road to happiness through success street is not going to be an easy one. There is no shortcut to happiness. There is no shortcut to success. Happiness requires you to be successful and success demands a lot of efforts and investment in one self, investment in personal development. Let’s start now!

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